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Cute, colorful, ceramic cube vase for flowers give you endless possibilities for home. Pick just one and tuck it somewhere that is normally florally neglected. Get them in multiple colors and you can change your display to match your mood!  

Group 12 or 18 together to create a low-lying centerpiece that is entirely unique to you. Go with a smaller grouping of 6 or 9 for the centerpiece vase with flowers at your next event.

This ceramic bud vase will look great with whatever flowers your kids and grandkids pick off the neighbor's lawn and present to you.  Let them get creative and pick and move the colors around to match their unique vision. Like a new Lego set, the possibilities are endless fun for young and old alike, you’ll see a new combo possibility every day!

Each Cube is 2.75" long and wide, 2" tall. 

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Chrysanthemum, Sweet Green Trick, Dandelions, Pansies and Hydrangea

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