Tillandsia, Ionantha (Air Plant)

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Tillandsia Ionantha (Air Plant)

Height: 1-3 Inches

Requires bright, indirect light and misting every week or so as needed.

  • The Ionanthas are a unique type of Tillandsia and probably one of the first air plants that you will encounter in your search for small plants. Although they are quite common, they are loved by everyone from those new to air plants to enthusiasts! Most enjoy their colorful blooms and also wait for their plants to produces clumps or clusters.

    The Tillandsia Ionanthas are generally 1-3 inch tall plants that look like a miniature version of the top of a pineapple with several pointed leaves

  • The Guatemalans are the most common tillandsia available and they are generally a hardy species with more rigid, pointed leaves than the Ionantha Rubras or Ionantha Mexicans. If not in bloom they are a nice, frosty green. 

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