Wall Nest Planter - Saffron

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If you are looking for a wall hanging flower vase this is the sweetest piece you will find. It beautifully holds air plants or a short bouquet of flowers. Or, if you throw a little gravel in the bottom, you can plant it up with your favorite succulent.

No matter how you use them, these perfect wall mounted plant holders will fill your home with warmth and color. Try one in a small space or how about a cluster of 3 on your kitchen wall? Fill this wall hanging flower vase with your favorite herbs or your favorite cut flowers and your kitchen will be everyone’s favorite room of the house.

With a flat back you can easily mount the Nest on any space of wall that needs a pop of color. And what incredible colors they are, rich and vibrant for the perfect contrast with any plant.

Each Nest is 5" in diameter and 4" tall.

Plants and Flowers We Love in this Planter: Aeonium, Hens-and-Chicks, Kalanchoa, Xerographica, Tectorus Fuzzy, Muscari, Freesia, Ranunculus.


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